creative thinking is the most important element in producing compelling work for our client's success.


POWER ADVERTISING is a multi disciplined agency specialising in advertising - both traditional and digital - graphic design, exhibition, sales promotion, packaging and social media marketing.

With a creative team with over 25 years experience within the marketing, design and advertising sectors and working from London to Belfast, Power Advertising is the agency you've been looking for to create the marketing you need.

We believe that it is the creative thinking in front of the core message that is the key to penertrating our clients market and engaging with the consumer. Only by thinking differently can you create differentiation for your product or service.

Whatever challenges our clients face we deliver third level thinking to create intelligent, witty and above all compelling campaigns, websites and design to capture the imagination.

Understanding the Challenge

How can we help you?

You may already know what you need, or, you may want some advice. One of the best ways to clarify a project and its unique challenges is to sit down and have a chat. A simple and one of the most important parts of the process.

An initial meeting chrystalises exactly what the project entails. We bring our experience and unique thought processes to that meeting and give you key insights on how to develop your project, the best way to communicate to your consumer and how to make it look fabulous.

So, when shall we meet?

Connecting with the Consumer

We love doing what we do well...

Power Advertising is a full service agency giving you all the disciplines you will need when developing your project.

We bring all the expertise and creative thinking you will need in seamlessly making sure your needs and expectations are achieved and working to create a creative perfect solution.

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at our previous projects...

The Idea is King

Third level thinking...

'Third level thinking' is Power Advertisings ability to drill down into the most compelling aspect of a project, to completely understand the consumer and their emotional triggers and how to communicate that message to ensure the target customer purchases your product.

We believe only by doing this can you really create a memorable creative solution to a client's project. It is the corner stone of our work and why our clients come back to us time and time again.

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